February 5, 2013 | Posted by admin

This has reference to the article “Suicide is never the solution” by Dr. Alaa Alghamdi. Undoubtedly, suicide is not a solution to problems and difficulties one faces. The concept or tendency of committing suicide is dangerous. It is alarming that the suicide percentage has risen during past few years as the author pointed out in his article, citing statistics of the Interior Ministry.
Apart from having physical or mental sickness, illiteracy, laziness, greed, irrational expectations, jealousy and pessimistic attitudes may lead to depression, negative thinking and suicide.
I think lack of peace, satisfaction and happiness is the main reason for the inclination toward suicide.
In my opinion religious leaders can play an important role in encouraging the society to take steps toward stopping or reducing the percentage of suicide cases. These leaders need to highlight the prohibitory orders of Islam in this regard and stress the importance of life’s sanctity.
The remembrance of Allah and seeking His help in sincere supplications may provide peace and blessings to the people going through hardship and difficulties. Piousness, God fearing and sense of accountability in the life Hereafter can also keep one away from committing suicide. Social and physical activities in addition to the medical advice, psychiatric consultations and counseling may also help one get rid of the problems. — Zakaria SultanRiyadh